Classification: Dual purpose hops

Developed in Washington state by the USDA breeding program and released in 1985 Chinook was originally meant to be a bittering variety however it has found its place as a dual purpose hop in the craft brewing industry. Chinook is a cross between a USDA male and a Petham Golding and is known for its pine and spice characteristics. At VQH Farms it still presents the classic pine notes with back notes of citrus and tropical fruit such as guava that we have found to be unique to the area.

Country: United States

Aroma: Grapefruit, Spicy, Pine

Popular Beer Styles: American Pale Ales, Stout, Porter, IPA

Alpha 11.5-15%

Beta 3-4%

Total Oil 1-2.5 ml/100g


Farm Status: Mature Plants