We grow Cascade, Chinook, Centennial, Columbus, Magnum, and Willamette. To find more visit our hops Hop Varieties page. Call or email for current spot availability and contracting inquiries


Our hops come in T-90 pellets, dry whole cone and wet. Please contact for availability and scheduling of wet hops



Prices range from 10$ - 16$ per dry lb. Pricing depends on order size, shipped quantities and variety. Wet hops can be scheduled to be picked up and priced by calling Curtis at the number below.

Delivery and pick up must be scheduled with a week lead time. Rush orders can be sent anytime but may be subject to an extra charge.


Home brew and home brew club orders are welcome as well. Rhizomes can be purchased in quantities but must be preordered by January 1.

Please call Curtis: 519-983-0783 or email for further information about delivery and pricing.


We have the ability to store the hops year round in our cold room. Contracted orders must be shipped before September of the following year. Please call or email for further information about storage


Our packaging equipment was custom ordered to evacuate air and release nitrogen into the bag to ensure an oxygen free environment and prolong storage by decreasing oxidation.


Our hops come in 5 ml mylar bags. The bags are vacuumed and nitrogen flushed for an oxygen free environment.  The hops are packaged in 10 lb bags with 5 lb bags available for preorder.  We can also package home brewing quantities in resealable bags. 

Please call or email for further information about packaging


                      2018 Crop   2019 Crop    2020 Crop

Cascade         Limited          Available        Available

Centennial     Out                 Limited          Available

Chinook         Limited          Limited          Available

Columbus      Available        Available       Available

Magnum        Out                 Limited          Available

Willamette     Out                 Limited          Available

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