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VQH Farms is a hop farm located in Eden, Ontario. The hop farm began with brothers Joe and Curtis VanQuaethem who are part owners of VanQuaethem Farms Ltd. and cousin Jared Hevenor who manages a craft beer bar in Toronto.  The brothers extensive experience in farming and the infrastructure of a family farming operation coupled with the network Jared developed as a craft beer bar manager in Toronto led to the perfect partnership.

They recognized that Ontario craft brewers were looking for another source of hops outside of the US and that support of locally grown produce was on the rise.

In the first year of operation VQH farms planted a one acre hop yard, expanding to a total of three acres in year two and to a total of five acres in year three. They now supply breweries from Chatham to Gravenhurst and have plans to continue growing year to year.

Kinglake Farms was at the forefront of the hop growing renaissance here in Ontario. Owner and operator Remi Vandeslyke pioneered the hop farming trade in Ontario and has helped many other farmers along the way. Kinglake Farms has planted many acres of hops over the years but in 2015 settled on a single large field where the operation can grow and mature. With over 15 years of experience growing hops in Ontario he is now a leading hop supplier in Ontario.


Together VQH Farms and Kinglake Farms have fine tuned our growing practices here in Ontario to match the quality, consistency and yield of hops purchased from around the world.  Hops are easy to grow but a challenge to grow well.  We have overcome this challenge together through years of experience coupled with the continual research and development of new growing methodologies. 


Our hops  are grown on the same sandy soils and micromanaged throughout the year to ensure consistency between the two locations.  We feel our terroir brings a new twist to classic West Coast hop varieties which allows us to deliver a distinct Ontario product to the market place.  As a budding industry in Ontario we are looking forward to growing alongside the breweries we partner with.


At VQH Farms and Kinglake Farms we believe in sustainable growth so we can supply breweries now and well into the future with quality product and competitive prices. Continuous growth and improvement with Ontario craft brewers will lead to hops becoming an Ontario agricultural staple once again. Our mandate is to have the highest quality hops at competitive prices. We work closely together to share knowledge and equipment to achieve our collective goal. In the future we hope to continue to expand in order to meet the needs of the Ontario craft beer market. 

Meet The Team

Curtis VanQuaethem

Owner of VQH Farms, VanQuaethem Farms Ltd, and Eden Elevators Ltd.

Grows corn, soybeans, processing vegetables and hops in Southwestern Ontario

Joe VanQuaethem

Owner of VQH Farms, VanQuaethem Farms Ltd, and Eden Elevators Ltd.

Grows corn, soybeans, processing vegetables and hops in Southwestern Ontario

Jared Hevenor

Owner of VQH Farms, Craft Beer Bar Manager,

Growing hops in Southwestern Ontario

Remi Van De Slyke

Owner of King Lake Farms

Grows ginseng and hops in Southwestern Ontario