At our farms we have always seen quality as the most important aspect in growing and processing hops. That is why everything we do, from growing to packaging, is micromanaged and done by us on site. This ensures nothing gets overlooked and quality and consistency can be maintained throughout every process. We have set up our farms to be flexible enough to grow with the brewery's we work with for years to come, ensuring they get the quality product they expect on time.


In 2008 Kinglake farms purchased a Wolf 150 harvester from Germany. Today, the farms will be purchasing a second harvester as well as upgrading the old iron. 


Being a multi generational family farm we have used the existing infrastructure to our advantage. We have retrofitted former tobacco kilns to dry our hops. Each of the eight kilns has the ability to cure up to 500 lbs of dry hops in under 36 hours.


The pelletizer was purchased in 2008 and since then has gone through numerous upgrades to ensure that heat does not affect the final product.


Our packaging equipment was custom ordered to evacuate air and release nitrogen into the bag to ensure an oxygen free environment and prolong storage by decreasing oxidation.


We realize that sometimes a brewery has limited space for inventory. That is why we are flexible with customers and can offer delivery throughout the year.